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The Titanium Explorer is the first new generation gyro to be manufactured in Australia and a world first using titanium. The idea was born by 2 friends, Neil Sheather and Andrew Pepper in 2009 after noticing other gyro models could be better designed for Australian conditions incorporating ideas to make it more practical to explore the country. Furthermore, Neil has balanced many rotor systems on different gyros and decided he would design a rotor and rotor head to be smooth and shake free.
The explorer has a large instrument panel fitted with a mini iPad to download all the necessary information required for the pilot. The storage pods have plenty of storage space inside so there is no need to stow items and other equipment around your feet that may cause problems during flight.

The explorer is powered by the ever reliable Rotax 100hp engine or the 115hp turbo engine and also introducing a new modified Rotax 912 ULS turbo with minimum 137 hp. The main frame is made of titanium which is 5 times stronger than stainless steel or chrome moly but has twice the elasticity of stainless steel which is perfect for gyros as they absorb the rotor pulses giving a far smoother flight in the air.

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